Night Watch Militia - Battlefield 2 Patches and Fixes

Download Link Size Description MD5 Hash (to verify download)
BF2_Patch_1.41.exe 548 MBPatch 1.41 for BF2. Install before patch 1.5 2D927E2FED9C349F99DD617ABFCA12E2
BF2_Patch_1.50.exe 1.92 GBPatch 1.50 for BF2. Last major update to BF2513A415DBCA69F995E866A9DC7CBD305
BF2_v1.50_Alt_Tab_Fix_RendDX9.zip979 KBFixes the "Alt-Tab" problem in Patch 1.50 3453F7A059021029DDAF7CBA8F8846D6

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