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Allied Intent eXtended (AIX) Mod and Map Pack Downloads

Download Link Size Description MD5 Hash
(to verify download)
AIX_2.0_CORE_MOD.exe 899 MB AIX 2.0 Core Files Installer D6CCBDD5996BF7EB1967E738C48E58D1
AIX_2.0_CORE_MAPS.exe 1,222 MBAIX 2.0 Core Maps Installer 505C285AE24DE5778EB310F43CD47E64
AIX_2.0_Server_Files.zip192 MB AIX 2.0 Server Files (only needed to set up an AIX2 server)5208A6576763D1E63175CAB65590A5E4

Legacy NWM Mini-Mod for AIX and NWM Map Packs Downloads

Note: These have been replaced with the new NWM Mod update, but are provided here for AIX players.

Download Link Size Description MD5 Hash
to verify download)
nwmCoreMiniMod.exe 889 MBNWM Core Files Installer 65CB33886B2FDF358620916976EDD27F
nwmmp1v2.exe 1,138 MBNWM Map Pack 1 - v2 5B55F6DB5D7E1190262C9BFB436762F2
nwmmp2v2.exe 1,244 MBNWM Map Pack 2 - v2 B9436EED057C8115630CD4DD44DB7233
nwmmp3v2.exe 924 MBNWM Map Pack 3 - v2 BD04E7755184CBB4740B2B0EE3437042
nwmmp4v2.exe 1,171 MBNWM Map Pack 4 - v2 C9601040E4108431A6F1C8C271C79C30
nwmmp5v2.exe 1,180 MBNWM Map Pack 5 - v2 50E09A55FE14646BAFBC9C4DBC46E8F2
nwmmp6v2.exe 1,222 MBNWM Map Pack 6 - v2 18F658CE13CC6DE07FFFE11B85D0E468

Other Mini-Mods for AIX and Map Packs Downloads

Download Link Size Description MD5 Hash
(to verify download)
AIX2_F4_Map_Pack_01.exe 606 MBAIX2 F4 Map Pack 7ED2DCEFAE55989BB7AFDD7377D75F21 964 MBI'm The Head Hunter" Map Pack3EFA6CBBC264A6423FE5FF13C3E6E62B
SF_Custom_Maps.exe 431 MB=SF= Custom Maps Installer AD7FC91C35047A046E95A8E66AEA2179
SF_Patch.exe 60 MB=SF= Patch 733AA2808998D01C95D7C8D71464D81E
TNG2_Installer_Part_1.exe1,024 MBTNG 2.0 Installer (part 1) 0C76446747327BF96E7A6C012AA5E0A0
TNG2_Installer_Part_2.exe 913 MBTNG 2.0 Installer (part 2) 57063D12484E4B6ACCD09C44DFF7AF23 486 MBTNG 2.0 Booster Map Pack AEC5A0CBAFBACE8A662F25793B09575B 283 MB=WH= Map Pack 068C3FE27411F8B0C6C194484B2BA52B